OptEEmAL Final Conference - Project partners present the OptEEmAL Platform bringing a new vision for the EeB sector!

22.02.2019 – After three years and a half of intense work, the OptEEmAL consortium presented its Optimised Energy Efficient Design Platform for refurbishment at district level at the project’s Final Conference in Valladolid, Spain on 20th February 2019.

Around 40 participants representing cities and public authorities as well as the energy and construction sectors discovered the multiple benefits the OptEEmAL Platform can bring to the design of retrofitting measures at the project’s final conference in Valladolid, Spain. On 20th February 2019, the OptEEmAL project partners presented the great technological achievements of the project, the challenges they overcame and an outlook of what can further be done to revolutionise the energy retrofitting sector. During the conference, the OptEEmAL Platform was presented and the audience was guided through the different steps of how to use the platform. The conference was concluded with a site visit to the Cuatro de Marzo district in Valladolid where retrofitting measures from the R2Cities project have led to a reduction in energy consumption of approximately 50% and which served the validation of the performance of the OptEEmAL Platform.

Also, the project’s final booklet was handed over to the participants, offering an excellent overview about project objectives and the different modules of the OptEEmAL Platform.

The OptEEmAL Platform provides the user with a holistic tool aimed at reducing time and costs in the design phase, and improving the whole process in terms of management, information flows and design quality. The correct functioning of the platform has been demonstrated and validated for three demonstration districts located in San Sebastián (Spain), Lund (Sweden) and Trento (Italy).

The high economic impact of OptEEmAL is reflected by a reduction of costs during the design phase by about 19 % compared to business-as-usual, and the operational phase cost could be reduced by 25 % through promoting holistic solutions. This makes the OptEEmAL Platform a great tool to design energy efficient retrofitting projects.

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Watch our introductory video and the video on the OptEEmAL Platform guiding you through the different steps.

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